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The Junior Officers

The Junior Officers and NCOs are active wargamers who have been around the tables for while. These are people who have shown an interest in pursuing the hobby and have participated in the club games more or less regularly. These players should make it to the Generals list in due time with due effort.

Troubles inspire this warrior. It is often commented that this gentleman usually waits until he is neck deep in trouble before he starts making use of his skills. This is certainly a fact as far as his wargames go; whether it applies to his life or not is pure speculation...

'Manu' as he is popularly known, embarked on a recruitment spree after he realised that he and Sarath were the only wargamers left in town after many of the players departed for work and studies. Thanks to these efforts some of his close friends are upcoming members of the club now.

Madhav is presently working in Chennai.

  • Renjith Suryanarayanan
  • Also known as: Drunken Knight | Motto: "Beer Brings Wisdom" | e-mail

Renjith is known for the way he exploits any mistakes made by the enemy. Players and viewers alike have commented on the way beer sharpens his thinking. He nods sagely whenever such comments are made and (more often than not) goes ahead to order a charge.

'Renz' is presently in Florida writing code for Cognizant. Renjith spends his spare time watching movies, following cricket, playing computer games and listening to music.

Sarath is what we call a 'Dice Roll Extremist'. It is universally accepted that this gent call roll only extremes using any dice irrespective of the number of sides. His most famous feat came when he managed to roll eight consecutive sixes using a D6 in a DBM game (That his team lost despite the sixes is another legend in the club's history!) Sarath's friends are of the opinion that keeping his cool under pressure ought to help him in his games, and in real life...

Sarath has taken to writing code for Satyam in hot and humid Hyderabad. He reads all kinds of books and wonders about his future in his spare time.

Anand was christened "Missing in Rules" more than two years ago. The new name should give you an idea one of the many reasons why he loses most of his games. This man is known for his famous oath "I will stop wargaming if I lose this game", which he later modified to "I will stop wargaming until evening if I lose this game" when he lost the game. Anand has managed to retain his interest in the wargaming in spite of all his loses.

Anand works for Saud Bahwan Group in Muscat Oman. He reads about airplanes and watches them whenever he can find time.

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