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We have added the following people as Honorary Members of the club:

A note on the Ranks

The players have been classified based on certain criteria like the number of games they have played by their own initiative, their enthusiasm, the win to lose ratio and the general dedication to the hobby. From these considerations have stemmed the following classes of gamers. The Generals, The Junior Officers and Privates. While reading, keep in mind that these are purely the author's views and hence subjective.

This page contains a listing of those enthusiastic Indian Wargamers known to us. You can read a brief description of each player by clicking on the names. Homepage URLs have been added wherever available. For the others mailing contact address has been provided. We hope to "web enable" more players soon.

Rank Name Armies
1 Ravi Mohan Romans, Seleucids, Graeco Bactrians, Assyrians, Gauls, Spanish, Renaissance French, Colonial French, Modern US.
2 Abey M. Mullassery Gallic, Warring States Chinese, Pathans, Napoleonic French.
3 Sriram Sundararajan Polybian Roman, Republican Roman, Teutonic Knights, WW2 Germans, Modern US.
4 Mridul Jain Napoleonic British, Medieval English.
5 Manoj E. Govindan Romans, Seleucids, Gauls, Egyptians, Renaissance Spanish, Teutonic Knights, Papacy, 16th Century Samurai, Early Feudal Germans.
6 Sajan Joseph K. Knights of St. John
17 Madhav G.S. Later Carthaginian, Colonial British, Gauls, Anglo Normans.
18 Renjith Suryanarayanan Anglo Normans.
19 Sarath Sasikumar Numidian, Pre-Feudal Scots, Anglo Normans, Mughals and Muslim Indians.
20 Anand Mohan Ancient Spanish, Knights of St. John, Early Normans.
21 Vijinesh V.L. Gauls, Carthaginians, Manchu Chinese.
22 Vinod R. Pyrrhic Greece, Gauls, Carthaginians.
23 Ramesh P. Gauls.
24 Ajith Kumar G.P. Ancient Spanish, Ancient Britons, Carthaginians.
25 Jolly Mottengad Anglo Normans.

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