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Welcome to the hobby, People. All we can say at this moment is that a fun filled boot camp remains ahead of you. Play wargames often, revise your strategy often and you should make it through all right. And remember: Always roll sixes."

  • Vijinesh V.L.
  • Also known as: Vical The Pessimist | Motto: "Setbacks are For Ever"

'Vicky' follows logic until the moment he gets a setback in his game. Things start to go down hill all the way from there. Consequently, opponents often resort to psychological warfare against this man ;) Relax, soldier. Barrages cannot go on for ever.

Vijinesh works as an accountant (a first in our group) for an auto finance company in Trivandrum.

  • Vinod R.
  • Also known as: Planmaker Pro v1.0 | Motto: "Plan for Victory, not Contingencies or 'I hate warbands'" | e-mail

Vinod has the makings of a good wargamer. His own warbands are his nemesis on the tabletop. He blames them for ruining his grand and intricate plans and strategies on the battle field. Peers often advice him to get his priorities straight and not to entrust too many complex tasks to warbands.

Vinod tames computers for a private concern to make a living. He is often seen playing cards during his leisure time.

  • Ramesh P.
  • Also known as: (self) Destroyer | Motto: "All (my) Soldiers Die" | e-mail

The miniature men shake with fear when Ramesh approaches to command them. For they know that only the very few lucky ones will survive his plans and combat strategies to make it back to base camp! Random seems to be the keyword for this guy - Random deployment, Random dice throw, Random plans, Random ....

Ramesh is a Network Engineer for a State Agency in Trivandrum.

  • Ajith Kumar G.P.
  • Also known as: Think Tank | Motto: "I think, therefore nothing"

Too much thought is Ajith's weakness. Having the unique gift of making any simple situation complex beyond belief doesn't help him or his team in wargames. What is noteworthy is that he has managed to get away with victories in spite of his tedious plans at times. Wargamers shudder at the thought of the strategies which must have been employed by his opponents in such games...

Ajith is pursuing his Degree in Civil Engineering in Trivandrum. He also finds time to work for a construction company.

  • Jolly Mottengad
  • Also known as: The Talker | Motto: "Once is Enough" | e-mail

Jolly shot to fame after defeating Anand, who is a relative veteran, in Jolly's first ever wargame. Jolly disappeared after the first game and is yet to be sighted again at the club games. Many people mistake his first name for a nickname, but he assures all that he was named that way. Given the person he is one can but think that his parents might have had a reason after all.

Jolly too writes code for an MNC in Chennai. He likes poetry, books and talking.

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