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11 July 2009: This website is moving to a new hosting provider. Our 'Beat the Drum' army generator application will be brought back online after the move is completed.

About us

We are an informal group of Wargamers based in Bangalore, India. We are interested in topics like strategy in wars, the history of warfare, historical re-creation of battles, battles of all times and eras. We do not use miniatures in our games but make do with suitable counters instead.

We aim to promote the habit of writing and publishing battle reports of games which are played. In our opinion a wargame is not complete without a report. to see our point, you may wish to read our online battle reports. We also have a collection of wargaming related articles penned by our players. You can read these in the articles section.

Wargamers are a rare find in India; regular wargamers even more so. We would be happy if this page can serve as a means for introducing more people to this wonderful hobby, and prompting those interested to play with us.

Contacting us

The best way to contact us is through e-mail. We meet in Bangalore, Karnataka. However a significant number of our players can currently be found in as diverse locations as Chennai, Hyderabad, Trivandrum, Muscat(Oman) and Lubbock (Texas). In case any of you wish to contact any of our players individually, please refer to our players page.

What is wargaming?

A good way to find out is to read the Wargames Handbook article on wargaming.

The kind of people who play wargames vary infinitely. They could be of any nationality, profession, sex and age group. Still, there are some commonalties to be found. Most of the wargamers known to us have a passion for history. Some are also wild about war itself and machines of war, most notably airplanes and ships. Many love the second world war and some are interested in special forces, commandos and the like. This is not a complete list of typical wargamer characteristics by any means. For more information on wargames, consider checking out the pages listed in our links page.

What do we play

Currently we are playing

Below are the rules which we have played at some point or the other.

About this site

While designing this site, we had to balance between colourfulness and simplicity keeping in mind the low connection speeds prevalent here. The result of such considerations is what you see here. We have used pictures only where they are very justified. No animations or animated GIFs have been used.

The pages of this site are static HTML generated from a set of XML files using some home brewed Python scripts. All images used here were created using Adobe Photoshop. Refer to our FAQ for more details. You can also read this article to know more about the activity behind the scenes.

This page is maintained by Manoj E. Govindan for India Wargamers with many useful ideas from Ravi Mohan.

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