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The Generals

These players are regarded as the pioneers of the game in India. They are characterized by a high degree of enthusiasm for their games, a very good success rate in the games which they play, and a high degree of initiative to play. Their strength lies in their experience gained during the wargames and adventure games they have played on the board and in real life."

Popular on the battle field as General Mohanius, to this man goes the credit of introducing all the rest of us mentioned here to wargames. He does programming for a profession. When not writing programs or playing wargames, you can find him jumping from airplanes at 13000 ft, playing Baldurs Gate in his PC, or playing his guitar. A voracious reader and a good narrator, this man is best known among wargamers for his word pictures of the games he has seen or played. (It is rumored that he is into occult and magic, but no one knows for sure...)

Ravi has played Marian Roman, Polybian Roman and Numidia in DBM. His strengths are easy adaptability across multinational armies and a shrewd sense of strategy and tactics which accounts for the fact that he is yet to lose a wargame and that his name causes nightmares for Manojius the centurion.

Ravi Mohan got his first whiff of wargames when reading a book at the central library while he was in school. It took another seven years before anything materialised. Things got going when Ravi was in his second year in college, when he arranged the first ever table top wargame in India in Trivandrum with a few of his friends. This was way back in early 90's. The first games were played using home made rules, and one the most replayed was The Battle of Hastings of 1066 AD. In fact many of the wargamers listed under generals remember this as their first battle. The players kept changing as time passed, but the names whom you see listed under generals were those who continued with the hobby. Conditions improved after Ravi started working and procured Napoleonic rules, DBA, DBM and some other rule sets.

The gamers now had a good base to start. The players had spread about the country by now, and gaming became less frequent. People like Mridul, Abey, Sriram belong to the 'second wave' after Ravi's original group who are now lost to wargames. The 'third wave' saw Manoj and Sajan land on the beach. All these players were baptised in wargaming by Ravi.

Also known as Abix Mullasserix and Abin Chang, this man is a web developer in real life. Apart from wargames, his interests include painting, magic, volleyball and singing. For a while, Abey used to play Gauls but has switched to Warring states Chinese of late. In the field, he is known for his un-warband like tactics which has surprised his opponents time and again. He is equally famous for his impetuous charges towards the umpire during almost every game which he has played. The arguments off board used to take more time than the entire battle clash in itself.

Abey began wargaming while in College. The atmosphere then prevalent in our Alma Mater (The College of Engineering, Trivandrum) had much to do with people like him and Ravi taking strenuous effort to do interesting things. Abey began with a set of imaginary scenario games using home made rule sets(which are now unfortunately lost). His interest in magic and drawing certainly helped the cause of wargaming here.

Sriram is currently studying in Lubbock, Texas for his Major in Computer Science. A polybian roman in DBM terms, this man is characterized by his un-Roman, cavalier tactics on the field. From what some of the generals have been saying, he has improved a lot in terms of stature after going for campaign overseas. He is interested in music, playing guitar and reading.

Sriram began as William the conqueror of Normandy against Mridul. He too was swallowed by the hobby from the first game on. Sriram was in town long enough for him to play Napoleonic as well as DBM games. Sriram left the town for US, signalling the end of the second wave of players in Trivandrum.

  • Mridul Jain
  • Also known as: Master of Defense | Motto: "Thou shall not pass" | e-mail

Mridul is yet to play DBM, but has gained several laurels in earlier wargames. Silent and with a solid-fist approach, he is yet to lose a battle. He is a programer by profession and is currently into working for GNU-India( as well. His interests include Wargaming, reading Ayn Rand, games programing and Aero planes. He lives in Bangalore.

Mridul came into the field as King Harold of The Battle of Hastings fame. He won the battle, and was hooked to wargames from then on. Many other games followed including Ancient, Medieval and Napoleonic games, albeit with home made rules. The common college factor helped in sustaining the hobby in Mridul's time. Currently, he is working on combining his hobby with computers in the form of computerised wargames.

Known as Centurion Manojious, this man is known for his constantly strung-up state. He does programming for a living. When not at work, you can find him playing wargames, trying to build aero models, reading about Airplanes and War, playing West Front, watching war movies and building and maintaining this site. Manoj likes Romans and his armies to date are Polybian Roman and Marian Roman.

Manoj was baptised in this hobby by Ravi when he was in college. He too started on home made rules and was mesmerised by the hobby from there onwards. Manoj considers himself as part of the so called third wave of wargamers in Trivandrum which ended when he left the town for working. His pesonal favourites are DBM and Napoleonic rules. Manoj was part of the effort in bringing most of the irregulars to the game, with varying results.

  • Sajan Joseph
  • Also known as: Silent Knight | Motto: "Thou shall not speak"

General Sajanous/Sejanus writes programs for a living. He is yet to play DBM, but is a veteran of older games. Least impetuous of all players, this man can been seen playing a guitar, drawing sketches and playing computer games at times. Silence is his motto, particularly so when confronted with dumb questions.

Sajan too started with wargames using home made rules. He has played DBA in addition. Sajan's work has meant that he doesn't get time to play of late, but we hope that this changes. A good drawing hand has helped Sajan in drawing some of our earlier pictures for DBA games.

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